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The Harmonic Wave

A unique frequency generator used to unite our spirit and body
To ultimate health


Amplifying the power of Energy medicine

The Harmonic Wave cleverly introduces the best of all options.  A function we call the “sequencer” allows the slow, yet dynamic modulation of all duty cycles.  The duty cycle pulse width sweeps from 90/10 to 50/50 and then back again.  We’ve pioneered this feature to add a myriad of upper harmonics and allow power level variations that provide unique impedance matching to the human body.  So now your chances of shattering microbes, facilitating pleomorphism and stimulating the immune system are greatly increased.


Convenience of cds in a power-packed package

Features and benefits include:

Cds providing pre-set frequencies let you focus on the session without the distraction of a complicated data entry.

Rock solid frequency stability.   (That’s a claim few cd frequency sources can make.)

Maximized e-field power gives you all the amplitude you can handle.

A broadband helium plasma tube allows for total body penetration.

Power selections permit the user to physically touch and place the tube right on the skin or select a higher power to radiate the entire body.

A dynamically modulated pulse width generator maximizes the number of upper harmonics available for any given base frequency selected.

A small physical footprint for setup/travel.

A power supply that works on both 220/50 Hz power sources.  Eliminates the need for adapters.

Detailed instruction information and excellent customer support.  One year limited warranty on internal circuitry.

12 cds come standard with the device.  We offer additional custom cds for a nominal charge.

Each cd contains between 12 and 22 frequencies.  Typically, each frequency is transmitted either 2 or 3 minutes.  A set of 15 frequencies produces a 45 minute session.




DNA Stimulation
Food Poisoning
Immune Boost
General Wellness

Anecdotal Results

“My circulation is so much better, and I never get cold hands and feet like I used to”  Judy T.

“This is the first time in years I have been relieved to stress”  Mary S.

“I feel like I am addressing my health concerns and feel better
overall”  Pam F.

“For the first time in two years, the pain in my body is gone.  I have the energy to get things done now.”  Shirley B.

“Using the Harmonic Wave cleared my digestive system and parasites in only three sessions”.  Rob R.

“One session with the Food Poisoning CD and I was completely over my
food poisoning.  Matt S.

“The Harmonic Wave works so quickly!  After one 45 minute session I no longer had jet lag.”  Judy T.

“My hip pain was gone after four treatments - I walk better today than I have in years.”  Debbie G.


History and Knowledge


There are several research documents available that discuss mechanisms for magnetic and electric field biological interaction.  These documented research efforts are similar in principle, but do not, and were not achieved using this actual device.

This website reviews the work history of Dr Royal Rife as reported the The MEDIA & Medical Journals between 1930-1971.



Additional sites you may find of interest about the benefits and research on electronic fields in general.

Medical disclaimer:

Any reports from the owner or other sources regarding the ability of this machine to cure certain afflictions are purely anecdotal and are not the results of exhaustive “Good Science”.  Yes some individuals have claimed amazing results, but there is no proof that these are not the result of spontaneous remission and you should know not similar results will be duplicated in your personal testing and use.  If you choose to experiment with this device, you are doing so willingly and bear all risks for injury or side effects.



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